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One day Kuala Lumpur Bird watching, Malaysia

There are many good birding sites around Kuala Lumpur city center, some are just 30 minutes drive from city and some are 1 hour in distance. Those birding site whole difference species of bird. It can be range from the lowland rainforest, wetland, mangrove, secondary forest, rice field and montane rainforest. If you do not know what is best suite to you, please ask our friendly staff.


Description of itinerary;


Kuala Selangor Nature park, Kuala Selangor(1.5hr drive from Kuala Lumpur)

Depart Early Morning to Kuala Selangor Nature park , spend the morning on the Mangrove Forest and secondary forest trail.



Start birding around kuala Selangor, Paddy field and mudflat.


What bird that you can expect;

Lesser Adjutant Stork, Purple Heron,Grey Heron,Common Kingfisher, Collard Kingfisher, Stork-bill Kingfisher, Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker, Common flameback, Lace woodpecker, Coppersmith Barbet, Lineated barbet, Pied Fantail, Crested serpent eagle, Brahminy kite, Mangrove Blue flycatcher, Mangrove Whistler, Bar Eagle Owl, HILL MYNA, Cinnamon bittern, Yellow Vented Bulbul,AShy Drongo, Pink-neck Green Pigeon, Blue throated Bee  Eater, Brown  throated Sunbird, Oriental Whiteeye, Abbbott's Babbler,Milky Stork, etc.



Taman Rimba Ampang (30 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur)

Depart early morning to avoid the heavy traffic in Kuala Lumpur. Walk in the nice path that next to the river. Nice lowland forest birding.


What bird that you can expect;

Blue-tailed Bee-eater, Whiskered Treeswift, Red-eyed Bulbul, Brown Barbet, Crested Serpent Eagle, Common Tailorbird, Brown Shrike, White-throated Kingfisher, Red Junglefowl, Oriental Pied Hornbill, Common Iora, White-rumped Shama, Stripe-throated Bulbul, Green Iora, Asian Fairy-Bluebird, Rufescent Prinia, Red-billed Malkoha, Yellow Wagtail, Spectacled Spiderhunter, Gold-whiskered Barbet, Banded Broadbill, Blue-banded Kingfisher, Ruby-cheeked Sunbird, Raffles's Malkoha, Black-hooded Oriole, Etc



Genting Valley and Old Gombak Road

About 1 hr drive from Kuala Lumpur, Genting Valley is another great birding area for forest bird. This trip, we will birding along the lowland forest and also the montane forest bird.


What bird that you can expect;

Blue-throated Bee-eater, Whiskered Treeswift, Ashy Bulbul, Grey-bellied Bulbul, White-crowned Hornbill,  Black-crested Bulbul,  Bar-winged Flycatcher-shrike,  Mugimaki Flycatcher,  Gold-whiskered Barbet, Crested Serpent Eagle, Common Tailorbird, Brown Shrike, Oriental Pied Hornbill, Common Iora, White-rumped Shama, Stripe-throated Bulbul, Green Iora, Asian Fairy-Bluebird, Rufescent Prinia, Green-billed Malkoha,  Little Spiderhunter,   Black & Yellow Broadbill, White thwoated Kingfisher, Ruby-cheeked Sunbird, Raffles's Malkoha, Black-hooded Oriole, LYTH"S HAWK-EAGLE, OCHRACEOUS BULBUL, GREATER RACKET-TAILED DRONGO, Orange breased Trogon, GREEN MAGPIE, CHESTNUT-CAPPED LAUGHINGTHRUSH, Orange-bellied Leafbird,Etc



Putrajaya Wetland, Putrajaya

About 50 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur, a new set up man make wetland that consist of wetland and secondary forest birds.


What bird that you can expect;




Taman Pertanian (Agricultural Park), Shah Alam, Selangor  

About 40 km from Kuala Lumpur, located in outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, it's nextt to Shah Alam city center. Well-maintained park which holds lowland rainforest species. Particularly canopy or upper storey birds are well-observed.


What bird that you can expect;

Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot, malkohas, White-throated Kingfisher, Brown Barbets, Crimson Winged woodpeckers,  Ashy Minivet, Grey-breasted Spiderhunter, Black Magpie, Chestnut bellied Malkoha, Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot, Black-thighed Falconet, Black Hornbill, Oriental Pied Hornbill, Rufous Woodpecker, Spectacle Spiderhunter, Brahminy Kite, Blue-winged Leafbird, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Etc.



Templer's Park, Rawang, Selangor   

Located in northeast of Kuala Lumpur, about 1 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur central. There are many waterfalls which attract visitors in the weekend. Trails in the forest are not maintained properly but may be good for looking for lower land forest birds. Templer's Park is still a good birding spot for birdwatchers while the access is relatively easy and less walk is required.  


What bird that you can expect;

Crested Serpent Eagle, Emerald Dove, malkohas, barbets, woodpeckers, flycatcher-shrikes, Blue-winged Leafbird, More rarities are White-crowned Forktail, Orange-backed Woodpecker, Straw-headed Bulbul, Rufous-chested Flycatcher, Japanese Paradise Flycatcher, Red-throated Sunbird, Also, Brahminy Kite, Greater Leafbird, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Green Iora, etc.


There are many more site for day tour Please ask our staff for more info.


** Endemic Guides Eco Tours DO NOT run big tour (like 10-20 pax tour), we only encourage small tour which usually not more that 6 person, most of the time just 2 pax, we want to minimise the disturb of the bird life.



See what Susie's and Ellen's Said about the recent birding tour

"Thanks for a fantastic birding trip in Malaysia. In three days, we saw
more than 95 species of spectacular birds! I was amazed by the skill and
knowledge of our guide, Mr. Lee Kok Chung. He not only took us to diverse
habitats and was knowledgeable about what birds we would find at each site,
but he also seemed to be able to call the birds to us!

Mr. Lee appeared to be communicating with the birds through his miming of the bird calls. It was really fun and interesting. Thanks for humoring our interest in Buddist and Hindu temples by stopping off at them whenever we wished."

Md Susanna Garcia and Ellen Hahn (Louisiana, USA), July 2006


What Peter said;


Just want to thank you for two excellent days' birding with Lee Kok Chung, one at Fraser's Hill and the other in the area of Kuala Selangor.  On both days we saw at least 70 species (each day) of birds and a variety of other wildlife.  Very good views were obtained and most of the target species were quickly discovered.  I would recommend these trips to anyone interested in wildlife.

Mr Peter Andrew- UK, November 2007



What Paul Say about us;

Sylvia & I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our 8-day birding trip with Lee in October.  Thanks to his excellent skills we were able to see over 220 species.  He also took us to some excellent chinese eating places during our stay.  The remainder of our holiday in New Zealand was also brilliant and we managed to see most of the endemic birds there although, because of its remoteness, there are far fewer species than in Malaysia.  Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2008.

Mr Paul & Sylvia Custerson -USA OCT 2007


What Mary Said;

We enjoyed the trip thoroughly and am impressed by the variety of birds we saw.  I am certainly passing along the word about your company.

Md Mary Anderson - USA Dec 2007


What Wayne and Margaret Twydle,

Now that we have arrived home, we just wanted to say thank you very much to Endemic Guides for the organisation of our 9 day 8 night bird tour. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour, seeing more bird species than we had ever hoped for. This of course was due to the expert skills of our guide, Lee, who seemed to almost have the ability to call up birds whenever we needed them! His imitations of their calls was remarkable, and his equally impressive patience often delivered good views of uncommon species.

 He also took good care of us: he always checked our accommodation, and advised us on food. We are still recovering from his sense of humour!!

We are very happy to recommend Endemic Guides to anyone in New Zealand who may be considering travelling to Malaysia

Kind regards

Wayne and Margaret Twydle - July 2008

What Dr Mckay Say,

Sorry for taking so long to write to you.  We are back at work in Papua New Guinea now and things are crazy here - as usual.

Our time in Danum Valley was great.  The food and the service at Borneo Rainforest Lodge were particularly outstanding.  It rained heavily every afternoon we were there, so we didn't get to do as much bird-watching as we would have liked.  But we made the best of every morning and saw some really great birds.  We really enjoyed ourselves.

Overall, our trip to Sabah was fantastic.  I think it was the best holiday that I have
ever had.  We really didn't have any complaints about anything, the whole time we were traveling.

Many thanks again to you for making our planning and our holiday work out so well.  We will certainly recommend you to anybody we know who is planning a holiday in Malaysia.  And we are thinking that we might go back there again within the next couple of years, so we might be in touch again.  If we are ever in KL for any reason, we will certainly look for you.

Thanks again and Best Wishes

From Dr Robert Mckay(20 days tour for Kinabatangan river, Maliau Basin, Danum Valley and Tabin Wildlife reserve)

September 2008


What Mr/Mrs hugh Say,

Just a note to say how much we enjoyed our trip to Sabah. Andrew was an
excellent guide, and the birds were exciting. Plus we saw orangutans and many
other good mammals in the wild! All accommodations were excellent as
well. So we were very satisfied, and thank you very much for all your
help in arranging our tour.

I shall recommend Endemic Guides to my birdwatching (and other) friends.

Best wishes,

Hugh Dingle ( USA -Currently resident in Australia, 12 days birding tour in Kinabalu Park +  Sepilok +SAndakan + Kinabatangan River + Danum Valley)

October 2008


What Mr/Mrs Youren say about our tour.

We finally arrived in the UK on Jan 16th.

We both wanted to thank you for organising our bird trips - the one in Kuala
Selangor/Frazer Hill with Lee Kok Chung and the second one in Penang with Mr

We wanted to express our thanks to Lee Kok Chung - the 3 days were very busy
but very rewarding - his enthusiasm and bird knowledge were superb and he
was also excellent company with a great sense of humour. Lots of high lights
on the trip with a total of 122 species identified - but especially seeing
the orange breasted trogon, the gold whiskered and red throated barbet,
blue winged leafbird, chestnut capped laughing thrush, silver eared mesia
and a host of other birds. We also appreciated how well Lee was organised
with good bird books and a comprehensive check list. Please use this
testimonial on your website if you would like to do so.

We will certainly recommend your service to our friends back in the UK if
they are planning to travel to Malaysia - we hope to get back again perhaps
to Sabah and Taman Negara and would like if we do you use your services

Once again many thanks,

Veronica and John Youren -UK -Dec 2008

What Mr Dave Tour say about our birding tour,

I would like to thank EndemicGuides for organising my 4 day stopover in
Malaysia - all of the travel and hotel arrangements worked extremely well.
My guide Lee showed an impressive ability to find birds even in thick
rainforest - and great patience in ensuring that I saw every bird that he
did. All in all a very enjoyable 4 days and I would recommend EndemicGuides
to anyone wanting a birding trip in the area.

Mr Dave Torr -Australia - March 09


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All Avian Photos Contributed By Dr Eric Tan -  Our fellow Nature Photographer -

With Thanks -All copyrights reserve.

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