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Flora and Fauna

Rich with flora and fauna, the Crocker Range Park offers visitors the chance to see tropical vegetation and wildlife not to found anywhere else but in Borneo. Here visitors will see bright yellow flowers of the Dillenia Suffruticosa a woody shrub usually found on infertile defrosted soils and the Rafflesia Pricie, one of the three parasitic rafflesia species found in Sabah.

The forest is also home to at least five species of primates, such as the orang utan, gibbons and the furry tarsier with its enormous round eyes and frog-like hands and feet. Visitors will also see the extremely sociable long-tailed macaques, easily identifiable by their prominent cheek whiskers. Bears, civet cats, marble cats, and wild pigs also roam the forest floor while birds of many kinds may be spotted flitting between dense foliage. All these will allow visitors to experience a great time discovering the great forest of this national park.

Main Attraction

The Chain Mountains of CRNP encompass ecosystems in five vegetation types: montane forest, lower montane forest, upper montane dipterocarp forest, hill diptercorp forest and lower land forest. With a high biodiversity in its forest ecosystems, CRNP is a heritage that belongs not only to the local communities, but to the world. It’s forest provide services for human communities in cleaning air and water, the prevention of natural disasters, resources for traditional agriculture and livelihood, research, education, recreation and tourism.



As there are no accessible roads here, the only option will be walking along the local people's trails, which wind their way through natural rainforests into the mountains. Deep within the jungle and protected from the modern world by it, the Kadazan people have been cultivating Sabah's fertile valleys using traditional methods for generations.

The ‘Salt Route’ is one of the latest eco-adventure tourism trekking activities that cover the Crocker Range, which stretches from the northern-most part of Borneo to the boundary of Sabah and Kalimantan, separating the Sabah interior from the West Coast. This trek will take you into the heart of Sabah's Crocker mountain range, where the ethnic Kadazan Dusun people still live a simple, agrarian existence at one with nature.

The route was taken in old days by the natives from the interior to get to the West Coast to trade at the weekly open market, known as a ‘tamu’. Salt was said to be the most important commodity then which was bartered with jungle produce. The tamu was then located in Kampung Inobong, in the district of Penampang and the route which begins from Kampung Tikolod in Tambunan to this venue was considered the longest of three known salt routes.


Today, this route is considered one of the most beautiful and adventurous jungle treks in Sabah. Trekkers will find themselves surrounded by primary forest, in which crystal clear rivers run through and a myriad of flora and fauna can be found. The route is a four-day trek which will also bring trekkers through two points of the Crocker Range Park, namely the Tikolod sub-station and the Inobong sub-station.


Journey along the ‘Salt Route’ and experience a trader’s life from the olden days and enjoy nature at its best. Try to live like the natives by experiencing home stay with them during the salt route expedition.

Getting there and away

Presently, the Crocker Range National Park is not open for public visits. Therefore, those who intend to visit must obtain written permission from the Director of Sabah Parks.

Contact sabah park for further information

Sabah Parks P.O. Box 10626, 88806 Kota Kinabalu

Tel: 088-211811, 212508 Fax: 088-221001, 211585


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