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MD Carole & Family-Australia, Jan 07
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Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, Pahang, Malaysia


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The Asian Elephant

Currently the Asian elephant is listed as a critically endangered species, with less than 40,000 wild elephants in Asia and a maximum of 1,000 wild elephants in Peninsular Malaysia.


Protecting the Asian elephants help safeguard thousands of other species within its habitat. The elephant creates vital natural pathways by knocking over trees, allowing smaller species to feed, as well as dispersing plant seeds in its dung.




However, due to habitat loss, elephants are forced to hunt for food in convert areas surrounding forest such as plantations, where the raid crops on a massive scale. This is why the translocation team has such a dire need to move these elephants, to prevent them from otherwise being shot by farmers, or simply dying of starvation.




Time Activity

Visitor Timetable at the Center

Visitors are encouraged to participate in activities from 1.00pm onwards.


1.00-2.00pm: VIDEO SHOW: Visitors may view a video on issues surrounding wild elephants, diminishing habitat and translocation


2.15pm ELEPHANT FEEDING & RIDERS: Visitors are invited to ride and elephant around the centre. Visitors can participate in feeding the elephants, their dinner of banana, carrot, papaya etc.

2.30pm BATHING: Visitors can join the elephants as they bathe and swim in the river under staff supervision.

3.45pm VIDEO SHOW: Visitors may view a video on issues surrounding wild elephants, diminishing habitat and translocation






Feedback and Comment who visit the place with Endemic Guides.


What Wendy's (Australian) commented about us. (@ 2006)

Finding a tour to Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary near Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, proved a little difficult .The travel agent could find nothing so I resorted to the internet, where I too was left none the wiser. I did however find information about the sanctuary and was lucky enough to notice a photograph credited to Endemic Guides.


I contacted them and booked a tour through internet.

Our guide Lee arrived punctually in an air conditioned car and drove us to the hills about 1 ˝ hours from KL. He was happy to stop should we need to, and at Karak Village he stopped and bought us their local specialty, custard tarts, delicious! The next stop was at a roadside stall to purchase local fruit. The rambutans were a treat and after our visit to the sanctuary we called them “baby elephant” fruit because of their long spiky hair. We also stopped to take a closer look at a tree full of hornbills, 14 in total.

Our first official tour stop was Deerland hidden away in the countryside near Kuala Gandah. Here we were able to hand feed deer, monkeys, ostriches and mouse deer. We were privileged to meet Hitam (black) the baby sun bear and to be able to hand feed and pat him. His large father Muda, enjoyed the milk and nuts we were given to hand feed him and while he was engrossed in the consumption of food and milk we were able to rub his big bear belly.


The manager and keepers were friendly and informative and they obviously cared greatly for their animals.
From Deerland we continued on to Kuala Gandah, the reason for our holiday in Malaysia. We were not disappointed. We watched a video about elephant relocation, followed by a tasty local lunch cooked fresh at the café. Drinks and choice of menu were included in the tour price. Lee looked after us considerately but not intrusively and he allowed us all the time we wanted.


We fed the older elephants by hand, rode the larger one on land and then in the river, before being ceremoniously dumped in the water when he lay down on command. The baby elephants were so adorable! Wiry black hair about 5cm long covered them completely and they were tubby and curious. I could have watched them forever. One thought my skirt looked worthy of further investigation and I have a photograph of me standing with my arm around his neck and his trunk holding my skirt.

Lee kindly took photographs all day with his own camera and we now have them on disc as a wonderful memory. After a magical day with the wildlife of Malaysia we headed back to KL. The next day I booked to take the same tour a second time because Ihad enjoyed it so much. We were lucky enough to have Lee as our guide again, and every minute of the tour was just as wonderful as the first one.

Thank you Endemic Guides!


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More Feedback:


Its Matthew Henderson and Hannah Donaldson from Scotland, we went on the elephant sanctuary trip in Jul and just wanted to say that we loved every minute of it!  Lee our guide was phenomenal!  Really friendly and informative!  Couldn't have asked for a better guide. 

Keep up the good work guys YOU ROCK!


Hannah Donaldson and Matthew Henderson



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