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It is estimated that there are at least 60 salt licks scattered around the Belum area. The salt licks are important for the animals’ wellbeing and there is a potential for the operators to develop certain areas for eco-tourism. However, these plans must be researched extensively because it has been proven that introduction of people to the area will cause the animals to flee from their usual waterholes and saltpans, which has occurred in Taman Negara. The animals are sensitive to change. Salt licks are usually covered with all types of animal tracks. The Sambar Deer, the Kijangs, Tapirs, Elephants, wild boars, the Sumatran Rhino, Seladang and the Malayan Gaur - come down to the licks, usually under the cover of the darkness.




Elephant tracks can also be found crossing the salt lick areas.  One can determine the age of the elephant by the size and pattern of the tracks as well as the dung found along the trail.  The animals also smear mud onto their bodies to clear themselves of parasites, boar ticks and sometimes to seal open wounds from infection and contamination. Males often urinate and defecate around the salt lick area to mark out their territories as they leave.


Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fiery sunset over Temenggor Lake and the ancient limestone hills believe to be 220 million years old.  Some of the limestone islands at the southern reaches of the lake were once majestic rock cliffs dating back to 400 million years ago; before the Jurassic era. These are said to be among the oldest outcrops in Malaysia.




For a visit to the Terhong Waterfall, you can depart to Post Chiong on a 2 hours boat ride and trek 4 hours to the waterfall via Terning, remembering to visit the Pering saltlick along Sungai Terming and Rafflesia.


You can also visit the 1961 Kuala Cerendong helicopter crash site and from there proceed to Sungai Cerendong to visit the Orang Asli settlement (Temiar tribe) along Sungai Sara.


Belum forest also offers a host of adventure activities like fishing, kayaking, jungle walking, bird watching and camping.




Getting there and away


Belum Valley is located at the spine of the Titiwangsa Range, midway between the East and West Coasts. The nearest towns are Grik in Perak and Jeli in Kelantan, which are connected by the scenic East-West Highway. Driving from Kuala Lumpur to Belum takes about six hours. Join the North-South Highway and exit at Kuala Kangsar. Head for Gerik and then to Pulau Banding.




Belum is also accessible from Baling in Kedah via Pengkalan Hulu from the north. From Kota Baru, it's a three-hour drive. The nearest railway station is Kuala Kangsar but the station is still a long way off. From there you can take boat ride to the campsite.


Call the State Forestry Department for more information

Perhilitan Perak at 05-7911164




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