This is white bellied sea eagle Juvenile. Me and a new found friend competing ourself to takes good pictures of this model. We took a picture of this bird at every angle. He forgot to pack along his Canon S1 IS, so manage to caught hold of me to snap his plants, grass, flowers, spider, insects.. that is his loves. He has so much patient, every pictures he took it really takes pain to get the most satisfactory shot. Really got to learn this. I normally just point & snap cause I loves to snap birds more..And I have to do it quick cause most of the time my model don't wait for me.. I do feel fustrate sometimes cause I discover canon S1 IS takes sometimes to focus.

This white bellied has been working very hard today. We are at Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan to witness raptors migratory.. Bad wheather at Sumatra raptors no longer fly past tg tuan at about 12 noon. Therefore 2 white bellied sea eagle kept by the melaka zoo for education and conservations purposes are doing the show. Showing people how a raptors on flight, having it's meal.

At about 4pm... look up the sky.. raptors.. Ah!!.. crested honey buzzard, fork tailed swift.. Wait look there another column of raptors..



White Bellied Sea Eagle Juvenile