This is barn owl.. it's job is to catch rats that prone to be the pest for oil palm plantations and in the rice field.


The first night on my leading trip to K gula.. We manage to sighted 11 owls.. the second day.. oops we have another mission cause the 1st day either Mr owls are too far or they just fly off..before we can have a good look at him.


On the second day we try another technique for owling.. we saw this fellows walking on the wire.. OOOH like the circus acrobatic shows.. but this owls instead. We saw 3 spp of owls and manage to takes photos.. thanks to Mr Tan .. for helping us on this.. All in all we might have saw 15 owls..


Owling in K Gula is so simple.. Kuala Gula being charted as Bird sanctuary.. not much info on the web.. People only know Fraser's Hill but.. but.. we have alot of place for birding and serves as important resting place for migratory birds..


Buffy Fish Owl