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   Worlds longest Crystal Quartz-Rich ridge- Crystal walk


Each morning the air over Kuala Lumpur warms up as sure as the sun rises. On another front, the moisture-laden clouds formed over the Ulu Klang Dam too are lifted. The rate at which those over Kuala Lumpur are lifted is more rapid. Those cooler clouds over the body of water are influenced to join those down the valley by this parallel thermal lift. In their exodus, they pour over the dam in a current. See this phenomenon of a river of clouds drifting over the pass each morning around 7.30am. You have to be standing on the top of the ridge to get that view. The clouds passing below you is a gift for your waking up wakeup -a spectacular sight indeed!


The trail is a narrow path on top of the Ridge with some stretches only allowing a single trekker to pass through. The trail passes through stretches where the left and right side have vertical drops of up to 200 feet, leaving the trekker with not much room for any other alternatives. The trail is dotted with low vegetation, made up mostly of small trees and shrubs (affectionately known amongst the trekkers as “Bonsai”). This low vegetation enables you to see and gauge the distance between one peak to another.

Don’t worry, despite the constraint in width, there is always some level ground to rest your feet before guiding your body past some tricky footholds.

You can complete the whole ridge within 2 to 4 hours, starting from the eastern side and finishing on the western side of the ridge. No worry about any altitude sickness, as it is just low and classified as hill !

It is an adventure day trip with a great view; do check out the Tabur Hill.


Getting there and away

Tabur hill is located at the outer edge of Klang Valley's urban development, some 20km from Kuala Lumpur city centre.

No public transport to the entry point., your own transport are recommended.

Head for Taman Melawati, entering the junction of Jalan Genting Kelang, entrance near Zoo Negara. Drive straight until you reach the Bulatan Mas roundabout and follow the Klang Gates Dam sign turning. The narrow road will lead to the main entrance of Klang Gate Dam. There is a small trail leading to the ridge's summit.

It is advisable to get an entry permit from the Selangor Forestry Department at 03-90752885 or fax 90756022.




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