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Introduction  and history


Turtle Islands is located in the Sulu Sea, 40 kilometers north of Sandakan, Sabah.  It is approximately 1,740 hectares which comprises of three small islands; Pulau Selingan, Pulau Bakkungan Kecil and Pulau Gulisan. 


Turtle Islands is one of the best destinations in Malaysia for its unique marine wildlife and also not forgetting the most important role as the breeding ground for Green turtles in all of South East Asia.  On most evening, scores of turtles crawl onto the soft sand that fringes the islands to lay their eggs.  Among the three islands, Pulau Selingan is the main nesting area for the Green turtles (Chelonia Mydas), while another species called Hawksbill turtles prefer Pulau Gulisan.  Both species lay their eggs on these shores throughout the year although the best months are between July to October.  In 1977, these islands were gazetted as Marine Parks for the protection of the two species in order to save them from extinction.  The islands are built over shallow rocky shoals from coral shingle from the surrounding reef on the fringes covered with a variety of plant life, which includes mangrove, lantana, the yellow-flowered sophora and the furry silver-leaved Tournefortia.


Turtle Island or Selingan Island, is the largest of among the three islands and has been developed to house the park's headquarters, a visitor centre, basic tourist facilities and a turtle hatchery. The other islands are usually off bounds to the casual visitor. The nearest mainland town to the park is Sandakan, the former capital of Sabah and was once the heart of a booming timber industry in the mid 1970s.  Today, Sandakan is probably most renowned for the Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre (Sepilok)




Turtle eggs have been collected from the islands since before the colonial days. Though over-harvesting was already leading to the decreasing off egg production even then, it was not given any form of legal protection until 1971 when the islands were designed as a Bird and Game Sanctuary and administered by the Forestry Department.


Restriction for hunting the Hawksbill Turtle (for their shells) was first imposed by the British North Borneo Chartered Company way back in 1927.  Sea turtle hatchery in Selingan Island was started by the Sabah Government in 1966 and in 1977, gazetted the 1,740 hectares of islands and sea embracing Selingan, Bakkkungan Kecil and Gulisan into a marine park.


In general, turtle populations worldwide are dwindling. But in Sabah's protected turtle islands, turtle nesting have recorded a steadily increasing trend since 1991, a positive result after 30 years of conservation efforts. 





Interesting Activities


For a visit to the Turtle Island, usually one can go by speedboat trip which normally takes about an hour.  Along the trip, you will be passing the mangrove forests and if you are lucky enough, you might catch a glimpse of Irrawaddy Dolphins.


Turtle landings usually occur after dusk. The park keeps a policy of allowing visitors to only see one landing a night. This is to allow undisturbed nestings to go on throughout the night. You can choose to laze around the beach or snorkel while waiting for the evening’s event.  The west side of the island provides an ideal place for this as they are clean, quiet and offer some interesting coral and sea life for a decent day’s snorkeling.


While wandering around the island, you’ll be surprised to see how many turtles have landed in the last few days by looking at their tracks, like mini-tractors, which will be remained in the sand for a number of days.  If you want to learn more about sea turtles and also different parks in Sabah and its unique nature, you should stop by at the visitor centre there.


Besides that, while in the island, you may encounter many large bamboo fish traps lining in the shallow waters.  Fishermen reap their rewards from fishing in these waters and sell it at Sandakan’s large wet markets.


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